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Audio Network

Audio Network Project: Control unit

A system for the distribution of audio over a local network consisting of audio sources, "network speakers" and a control unit, all connected to an Ethernet network. The system is configured by drawing connections between sources and speakers on an intuitive touchscreen interface.

Sources, speakers and the control unit are all based on netX development boards. Two class D amplifiers are used for the speakers. Microphones and other audio signals (like MP3 players) can be connected to the A/D converter module.

The control unit uses a force based layout to display sources and speakers in the Ethernet network. Connections can be made by dragging from one module to another on the touchscreen. Disconnecting works by simply crossing out the connections.

// Hardware
netX-µC, amplifiers, touchscreen
// Software
C, Python
// People
Bülent Erik
Mathias Fritz
Christopher Leiste
Jonas Pfeil
Norbert Raehse
Hannes Rinke
Gleb Sternharz
// Advisor
Manuel Borchers
// Year